Rolex Submariner Black 116610LN model design

Submitted by kidswatches on Wed, 05/27/2020 - 05:45

The Rolex 116610LNmeasures 40mm that's just like that of the 16610LV's situation size. On the other hand, the newer model has a larger winding crown and also a drag width. In comparison to its predecessor Rolex designed the Rolex 116610LN . This involved blending aspects of contemporary technology and conventional design. Because of this, attributes that are considered essential in a normal dive watch, such as luminescence, are available in this version. Like the 16610 Submariner Date and the Rolex 116610LV, the Rolex 116610LN comes with a strong 904L Oyster steel. The case enhances the timepiece's resistance assuring it an outstanding appearance subsequent polishing. Thus, it can maintain its vibrant elegance even after exposure. Let us have a look at this iconic watch's structural composition.