Each clock is unique in its own way

Submitted by kidswatches on Fri, 05/29/2020 - 03:32

Purists would definitely have a lot to say about this view in terms of how true it's to the racing concept of a Rolex Daytona. They have a point. Many collectors might have a different spin on the topic. This watch is not so simple to make. The stone want to be of a color which can come from resources that are rare. They cannot be manufactured and each should be able to match the others to create the desired rainbow effect.

This makes each timepiece exceptional in their own way.

Whatever critics may say regarding the Rolex Daytona Rainbow, owning one is not so easy. Its cost would already limit the amount. Rolex, In addition to this itself has limited its own production. It is attributable to the availability of the gemstones. This value an extremely interesting prospect to consider and makes its collectability. If you're hesitating whether to get this or a regular Daytona, get both. You will sleep better knowing that it's off the market and on display on your watch box that is rotating.